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About Us

We have More than 2+ years Health Care Experience

Axocheck is a concierge home health care service designed to afford your loved one’s and yourself the peace of mind that accompanies assurances of good health.

Our services are designed to offer users access to a bouquet of on-demand healthcare services for them and their loved ones. Our hybrid home healthcare solution makes use of technology, offsite doctors, in-home Nurses, community health workers as well as trained support care professionals.

Whatever your home healthcare need is, be it PREVENTIVE CARE, PALLIATIVE CARE, RESPITE CARE etc, think AXOCHECK.

On-Demand Home Health Care


We will proactively deliver that personalized care to you and your loved ones in the comfort of your home.


We care about the service that you receive. We will react quickly to cater to your home health needs with the best health care professionals.

Comfort & Safety

You can access the Axocheck service from the comfort of your home. Your safety and that of our healthcare professionals are at the top of everything we do.


Our Services

  • Nurse Visits
  • Adult with Care Needs
  • Care Management
  • Health Navigation
  • Virtual Consultations
  • Pain Management

What can you do with Axocheck?

Axocheck makes it possible to schedule visits for your loved ones and track their health

For General health check Up, Respite Care, Support Care or Health Navigation etc, Axocheck will be there. Schedule today
Schedule a visit for yourself and keep a healthy health profile.

Get that Axocheck professional care right in the comfort of your home. Whether your care needs are daily, Weekly, bi-weekly and/or monthly, we got you. Convenient care backed up with technology

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